Strap in for New Weird Fiction This Spring

If you’ve read this blog or followed us on social media, then you already know that our weird fiction titles include Verity Reynolds’ novel Nantais, Ada Hoffman’s collection Monsters in My Mind, and Michael Scott Monje, Jr.’s thriller Mirror Project. As devoted lovers of science fiction and fantasy novels, video games with open world elements, groundbreaking television series, and well-written comic book series, it should be no surprise that we’re also science fiction publishers interested in work that defies standard conventions and immerses readers in rich and complex worlds while also touching on themes of neurodivergence, queerness, and how these intersect. We’re happy to talk about an upcoming major development here at the press that’s going to help put even more weird fiction into your hot little hands (or onto your Kindles).

Argawarga Press Joins the AP Family

If you’ve been following the weekly Weird Luck webcomic written by Nick Walker and Andrew M. Reichart and illustrated by Mike Bennewitz, you might have already heard about Argawarga Press, the original publisher of Andrew’s City of the Watcher trilogy and other works. The good news is that Argawarga will re-launch as an Autonomous Press imprint in Spring 2018! The imprint’s first titles will include Dora Raymaker’s debut novel Hoshi and the Red City Circuit, as well as a new edition of Andrew’s Weird Luck novel Wallflower Assassin.

After that, more weird fiction is planned for this imprint, thanks to the re-issue of Andrew’s City of the Watcher trilogy and a paperback version of Insurgent Otherworld. Followers of Weird Luck on Facebook or Patreon may have already read portions of Otherworld in serialized weekly posts, but Argawarga’s release of these titles in the immediate future means that you’ll enjoy Otherworld in its entirety, plus the City of the Watcher trilogy, which is set just prior to the beginning of the Weird Luck webcomic.

So, What Is Weird Luck, Anyway?

One basic premise of Weird Luck, as explained by its creators, is this: there are multiple alternate realities or parallel universes, and parallel versions of you exist that are native to each realm. In Weird Luck, these parallel versions are called “cognates.” Interdimensional travel happens, whether by deliberate intention or accidental occurrence. Strange events involving interdimensional weirdness, jumping between realities, or running into your cognates are all different types of “Chronic Synchronicity Syndrome,” also known as…you guessed it…Weird Luck.

Stay Tuned for More News

Dora Raymaker’s work will also appear Spoon Knife 3: Incursions, edited by Nick and Andrew, this coming spring. This volume features short fiction, poetry, and short memoir focusing on what happens when one reality intrudes into another. Watch for more book release announcements, and get your weird fic on at the AutPress store.