Submissions & Book Proposals

Autonomous Press publishes both fiction and nonfiction. Scholarly or journalistic works, novels, anthologies, memoirs – we’ll consider most genres, and we love innovative hybrid works that defy traditional genre categories.

We’re looking for books that are, above all, transformative. Books that have the potential to expand minds, to introduce readers to radically new perspectives, to spark personal and cultural change.

We do not publish single-author poetry collections, plays or screenplays, or work that seems to us to promote societal systems of oppression.

How to Submit

  • Put your cover letter in the body of your email to us, not in a separate file.

  • In your cover letter, specify why you think Autonomous Press would be an especially suitable publisher for your book (we will not consider submissions that don’t include this).
  • You can send us completed manuscripts, or book proposals.
  • Book proposals are informal – there’s no official format; just tell us about the book you’re proposing, in anywhere from a paragraph to a couple of pages, and send samples and excerpts.
  • Please note that interest in your proposal isn’t a guarantee that we’ll publish your book – even if we like your idea, we’ll need to see the completed manuscript before we make a final decision

We accept simultaneous submissions. Please be aware that due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to all of them. 

Guidelines for Manuscripts

Completed manuscripts should be submitted as a single .doc or .docx file (no other file formats will be accepted). The manuscript must meet the following criteria:

  • Double-space all text.
  • Indent the first line of each paragraph, and do not put extra whitespace between paragraphs.
  • Make the first page a cover page with title and author contact info.
  • Number all pages.
  • Use Oxford commas consistently.
  • The entire manuscript should be thoroughly spell-checked and proofread (we recommend it be reviewed multiple times, by the author and by at least two other readers who have a sharp critical eye for detail, punctuation, grammar, and clarity of writing).


The call for submissions to our annual literary anthology, The Spoon Knife Anthology, will be posted every year in the first quarter. You can see our open call here.

Calls for other anthologies (literary and otherwise) will also appear on occasion.