Autonomous Press: Weird Books for Weird People.

We publish our books under three different imprints. Our original Autonomous Press imprint focuses on cutting-edge nonfiction work like Writhing Writing: Moving Towards a Mad Poetics.  

Our NeuroQueer Books imprint is for fiction and other literary work, with a focus on themes of queerness and neurodivergence. This is the imprint under which we publish our annual genre-bending Spoon Knife literary anthology.

Our newest imprint, Argawarga Press, specializes in weird fiction and the strange edges of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, like our cyber-noir detective novel Hoshi and the Red City Circuit.

The Autonomous Press team is:

•  Nick Walker, Managing Editor (Autonomous Press & NeuroQueer Books imprints)

•  Andrew M. Reichart, Managing Editor (Argawarga Press imprint)

•  B. Martin Allen, CFO & Development Editor

•  Phil Smith, Development Editor

•  Azzia Walker, Operations Manager

•  Casandra Johns, Typesetter