Autonomous Press: Weird Books for Weird People.

Autonomous Press strives to publish work that goes outside the norm in a variety of ways. Our stories tend to push into Weird fiction territory even when they operate outside of the horror, science fiction, and fantasy genres. That’s because our writers tend to have perspectives that place them outside of society’s norms, where the naturalistic representation of their feelings and perceptions will be automatically surreal if approached by an audience living within those norms. Our authors tend to be from marginalized communities, and they reflect our partnership:

  • Mostly neurodivergent
  • Mostly working class
  • Mostly queer, with strong transgender and intersex representation
  • Racially and ethnically diverse

Our founding partners were mostly autistic, and our two annual anthology volumes, The Spoon Knife Anthology and Barking Sycamores have published over 100 new and emerging writers over the last two years, mostly neurodivergent writers. Our selection of nonfiction includes anthologies collecting a range of voices from within the neurodiversity commmunity, and our individual-author volumes present a mix of prolific established novelists and emerging voices from around the U.S.

We Welcome First Time Authors

If you are interested in learning more about how you can work with us to bring your book to life, check out our submission information for books or anthologies and our editorial contact info. Or contact us through this online form.