Wholesale Information

Autonomous Press makes its books available wholesale to retailers directly and through the Ingram catalog. Ordering directly from us brings a variety of benefits and cost efficiencies because we value our relationships with the independent booksellers who help make us so successful. Depending on your order size, you can count on the following benefits and add-ons.

Free Shipping at 60% of Cover

All of our wholesale orders receive free shipping, and all of our wholesale prices are a simple 60 percent of the cover price. As a reseller ordering at least 10 copies of a single book or 20 books total, we will take care of getting them to you when you pay our invoice. Below that threshold, we cannot offer wholesale pricing.

Free Bookmarks and Posters

Our marketing materials come with every purchase, and they are scaled to the size of your order. Currently, we do bookmarks for each imprint, and our artists are working on promotional posters you can use. As you place new orders through us, expect to see these surprises and more show up as free gifts.

Featured Stories and Social Media Promotions

We offer cross-marketing opportunities for all of our wholesale partners as well. Whenever you place an order in excess of 25 books, we will thank you and tag your company on Twitter and Facebook, and when you order 100 or more at a time, we will run a feature on our blog discussing your bookstore’s relationship with Autonomous Press in detail, including mentions of any author visits. Our social media team will be in touch for information as we prepare your feature, and all of our posts are keyword optimized. We will also make sure you get a Twitter mention for every 25 books, as well as a deluxe social media post to promote your feature.

Profiles for First-Time Customers

The first time a new retail partner orders 100 books or more, we will run a full company profile on our blog, complete with at least 3 links back to your store’s site and a mini-interview with your owner or manager. Profiles run 1000 to 1250 words and include keyword optimization for 3 keywords of the customer’s choosing to help you with visibility.

Discount Author Visits

If you order at least 50 copies of a book by a single author, Autonomous Press will work with you to bring that author to your store! We can cover half of that author’s speaking fee to help you out, but since our authors all have their own representation, that fee can vary. For large and repeat customers, we are also open to providing AutPress authors who are partners for book signings, speaking engagements, and other events at no cost. Since travel costs can depend on distance and availability, customers repeatedly ordering large quantities of Autonomous Press books at once should contact us through our online form for more information about availability.

Deeper Discounts on Cover Prices

When you order more than 250 copies of any single title for your store or chain, Autonomous Press is able to offer you an additional 15% off the cover—that means you can stock our books for as little as 45% of cover when you buy in bulk. We will deliver directly to your order fulfillment facility as well.

To place a wholesale order, please contact sales-publicity@autpress.com with the titles, ISBNs, and quantities you desire. An invoice will be generated shortly.