About Us

Autonomous Press: Weird Books for Weird People

Autonomous Press is an independent publisher focusing on works about neurodivergence, queerness, and the various ways they can intersect with each other and with other aspects of identity and lived experience. We are a partnership of  neurodivergent workers including writers, poets, artists, musicians, community scholars, and professors. Each partner takes on a share of the work of managing the press and production, and all of our workers are co-owners.

Our partnership began with a simple idea: Authors should be supported, and publishers should exist to facilitate the marketing of their work. That’s why we built a system that rewards our writers when we are successful. From generous royalties that ensure our writers will always make more profits on our books than we will to escalating anthology royalties that automatically increase our pay rates as our books become more popular, every policy Autonomous Press has adopted has been designed to help make our authors more successful by helping them reach more readers.

Today, Autonomous Press partners are working to bring more writers to the wider platforms they need than ever before. That means more than just marketing books. It means marketing the authors themselves, supporting their careers through shared promotions that include their Patreon information, speaking engagements, and more. We’re also branching out, taking more work from marginalized voices outside the neurodivergent community and trying to help contribute more diverse books to the world.

To learn more about who we are and what we do, check out our partners and our policies for submission before you head on over to our information for authors. Otherwise, you might want to check out our catalog to browse our titles.