Stocked and Ready to Rock

Hi everyone, Michael here again. It’s been a busy week at AutPress world headquarters, and that means good things for you. First things first, this is what it looks like when you have a whole case of The Real Experts sitting on a shelf in your closet:

Seveny-six copies of The Real Experts

That’s right. We got out copies early. If you’ve already ordered, we will be shipping copies starting on Monday, and it will take us a few days to get them all out in the mail. If you’ve been waiting, you can order now and we will ship your copy as soon as we get to your spot in the queue.

That’s not all we have for you, though. My first two novels are both in stock and ready to ship. In Nothing is Right you will experience Clay Dillon’s search for his first friend as he navigates gradeschool for the first time and runs up against the expectations and special education screening procedures found in public education in the late 1980s. This book introduces Van, the cyborg who plays such an integral role in Imaginary Friends, and it also sets the stage for the struggle the character faces in Defiant.

Mirror Project takes you into an alternate universe where you are on the other side of a computer screen, witnessing the first artificial intelligence to develop the capacity to broadcast its presence. As she describes the ways in which her human creators tried to limit her experience and dictate her identity, the reader must ask: Do I trust what she says about herself? And if I don’t, what if I’m wrong?

Both of these titles were originally self-published, and Autonomous Press will be selling their first editions until we are ready to roll out reprints with new critical introductions and redesigned covers. Those titles, along with our existing listings, are all in stock and ready for you too. Don’t believe me, though. Check out my closet:

stacks of AutPress books

Remember, our books come with instant ebook copies, and orders of 3 or more books get free economy shipping.


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