Welcome to the AutPress Holiday Extravaganza!

Hi there everyone, Michael here. I’ve been talking to Corbett, and she thinks that we need to do something to help people who are just discovering us through The Real Experts, to give them a little extra incentive to check out the rest of our store offerings. After putting our heads together with the other partners, we have set up a few deals for you. These sets and bundle packs will only be available at these prices until December 13th, and they will be fulfilled in time for delivery on or before December 24th.

Each pack also comes with our complimentary ebooks for the books you purchase, and the ebook-only sets are available too. Just remember that our downloads are .zip archives, so you need to open them up to extract the ebooks in the format your device uses.

If you’ve been waiting to check out what our press has to offer, or if you’re looking to see more from an AutPress author you like, here are your chances. We’ve got three specials for you:

  • Recommended Reads from Autistic Activists is a 2-pack that includes both Typed Words, Loud Voices and The Real Experts: Readings for Parents of Autistic Children. It shouldn’t be too surprising that you’ll find a lot of overlap in the writers between the two, and both feature outlooks and discussions from a variety of autistic standpoints. You can check out ordering options for that one here.
  • Serial Fiction by Michael Scott Monje, Jr. is a complete set of every individual book Michael has put out so far, at a deep discount that you won’t find in other venues. These selections include Nothing is Right, Defiant, Mirror Project, and A Waking Narrative. If you’ve seen Michael in Barking Sycamores, Neuroqueer, our anthologies, or if you follow Imaginary Friends on the Shaping Clay blog, here’s your chance to get caught up on what came before. You can grab the bundle at this link.
  • AutPress Holiday Press Pack features all four releases from our first year together: Fading Scars; Defiant; Typed Words, Loud Voices; and The Real Experts: Readings for Parents of Autistic Children. Ordering information is here.

Happy holidays from AutPress!

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