Anthology Submission Guidelines

We are proud of our small press’s tradition of publishing new writers from communities across the United States, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain, and a big part of that tradition is our dedication to anthology volumes that let us feature a range of authors and topics. Our annual anthology Spoon Knife takes direct submissions, and Barking Sycamores collects work that was selected for the literary journal.

If you are interested in submitting a full book manuscript, please see the guidelines for submission to Autonomous Press and its imprints. We strongly encourage all writers to spend some time with our titles, and to look at titles that reflect your submission. That means our neurodivergent activist writers should check out The Real Experts or the excellent The ABCs of Autism Acceptance.

If you like science fiction, check out Spoon Knife volumes and the novels by authors and editors who have worked on Spoon Knife. Most importantly, if you are thinking of submitting to either the literary journal or the annual Spoon Knife publication, please check out past volumes of the books to get a feel for the way the prompts affect our selections. All of our anthologies pay, and you can learn more about the current rates on our Anthology Fund page.

To submit individual works to our anthologies, see our open calls for submission below:

Spoon Knife 3: Incursions

Autonomous Press is seeking submissions of short fiction, poetry, and short memoir for our upcoming anthology, Spoon Knife 3: Incursions.Spoon Knife 3: Incursions will be published in Spring 2018. It will be the third volume of our annual literary anthology, following The Spoon Knife Anthology: Tales of Compliance, Defiance, and Resistance (Spring 2016) and Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber (Spring 2017).

The Spoon Knife anthology series is published under Autonomous Press’ NeuroQueer Books imprint. All submissions should in some way touch upon or be relevant to the themes of neurodivergence, queerness, and/or the intersections of neurodivergence and queerness. These themes can be engaged with either directly or through metaphor. For Spoon Knife 3: Incursionswe’re looking for pieces that focus on the theme of incursions by one reality into another. Authors are encouraged to interpret this theme broadly and creatively.

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