Editor Contact Info

Our partnership has designated three editors to head up our submission considerations process. Each one looks at a specific range of books that define the niches our signature imprints operate in. Before you submit a book proposal or a manuscript to an editor, make sure you check out our book submission guidelines. Our imprints are defined more by the feel of their books than by subject matter, too, so don’t be afraid to propose something that looks really different if you think that we will get a feel for why you consider it to be a great fit for us.

The first step is to send us a cover letter introducing yourself and pitching us your book idea in a couple of sentences. If we’re interested in seeing more, then we will contact you about your manuscript.

NeuroQueer Books

Our NeuroQueer Books imprint is not strictly a science fiction or fantasy line. It includes a lot, including poetry, experimental works, and even the occasional piece of literary nonfiction. It does tend toward the speculative, though. Our authors tend to work in allegory or symbolism to help readers identify with unique experiences that are outside their direct perceptions. That includes exploratory works in autistethnography, modern fables, surrealist and magically realist work, and conventional science fiction and fantasy pieces. Most of the writers on this imprint are LGBTQIA.

Autonomous Press

Our main-line imprint is interested in promoting diverse books on a variety of subjects, including not only fiction and poetry, but also nonfiction works that help get community-centered research out into the world. At Autonomous Press, you can find books on parenting neurodivergent children, collections of essays about the autistic experience, and our more conventionally-structured novels and short story collections.