Anthology Funding Policy

The partnership at AutPress is happy to announce the funding policy for anthology submissions. This policy will be used to help clarify pay rates and to demonstrate our commitment to progressively improving the rates offered to our writers with an organic, sustainable strategy that rewards our community for the work that they put into our books.

Our current payment rate for anthologies is 1 cent per word.

Anthologies will be split into two categories, funded and unfunded. Here’s how that works:

Funded anthologies will pay for submissions, and the money to cover those submissions is taken from a dedicated fund established for that purpose. The fund receives its income from the 15% royalties on previous funded anthologies (and a portion of our unfunded ones) that would normally go to a book’s writer. So, essentially, each new anthology is being paid with the royalties from the last anthology and the residuals from our backlist.

Here’s the funding formula: We project our 90 day release sales based on the previous performance of similar AutPress titles. Then, we figure what the 15% royalty would be, and divide it by the conributors in an equitable way, usually through a per-word rate or per-line rate, but sometimes by a flat rate for submissions.

In the event that the fund does not have the cash to cover a full payout, then we will offer a flat submission honorarium, based on what funds are available. This is likely to be the case for our first couple funded anthologies, but we hope that it will soon pass and we will be able to move toward offering a per-word/per-line rate.

Rate determinations will be made at the close of submissions, before the submission review process, in order to allow the press to raise the maximum funding possible for each title. Our goal is to eventually make every open-call community and literary anthology that is edited by our press partnership into a funded anthology.

Unfunded anthologies will typically be made up of invitational anthologies and those that are brought to us by editors outside the press. They will only pay for submissions if the editors that propose the anthologies to us have secured their own funding, and each book’s editors will be responsible for the terms of those payments.

Our partner-edited scholarly and academic anthologies will also be unfunded, although they will contibute their 15% royalty payout into the anthology funding pool along with the proceeds from funded anthologies unless the editors specify another use for it, such as a fundraiser. Each individual editing team at our press is free to make this determination for themselves.

Unfunded anthologies that are led by exterior editors (non-partners) will pay the 15% royalty to their editorial team, unless the editors specify another party to receive the funds, such as a nonprofit or charity.

Each call for submissions listed on our site will indicate in its body and submission instructions whether it will be funded or unfunded, so that writers know when we will be capable of paying for submissions and why we can not do that for every single anthology.